Honestly, I think Kuroshitsuji gets all the right hype for all the wrong reasons. Instead of being known for its well-developed, well-rounded characters, its non-repetitive, original and always interesting arcs, coupled and well melded with an intriguing overarching plot, and its wonderfully creepy and gothic atmosphere, displayed fully by Toboso Yana’s beautiful and intricate art, which nonetheless still allows for bouts of hilarity, what comes to most people I’ve talked with when I mention the series is that infamous “corset scene” and all the yaoi shipping and fanart on Tumblr. Of course, that’s also part of the manga, and one I like too (Yana-sensei sure knows how to do fan service right) and I’d be hypocrite if I were criticizing it, but it just saddens me that people may not read such a great series because of that